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Digitize the digital printing 

A comprehensive information solution to support the digital transformation of digital printing houses



The software solution combines simple use and a friendly interface with modern technology, which enables flawless implementation without high costs. It is designed to integrate with different systems, using open API interfaces to connect to any subsystem. With its efficiency, it ensures transparency of OEE, promotes the digital renewal of the company and introduces key elements of Industry 4.0. Simple, powerful and cost-effective - our solution brings innovation within reach. 

The solution enables full integration with B2B/B2C systems, ensures quick pre-calculations and tracking of submitted orders. It effectively optimizes your production flow by automatically recognizing print motifs and preparing work orders according to orders.

Comprehensive tracking of the production flow with or without paper provides the basis for complete monitoring of all activities within production. It covers the capture of all information that is crucial for recording activities in production.

Our solution ensures exceptional production efficiency with the possibility of pre-calculations, post-implementation calculations and prioritization of orders. With the ability to preform work orders, it represents a comprehensive tool for exceptional flexibility and precision in the production environment.

The solution enables accurate tracking of material and time in every phase of production. With a system for creating delivery notes, delivery packages and optimizing delivery routes, we bring efficiency to logistics. At the same time, we perform calculations to optimize material consumption, control costs and effectively manage stocks.


Integration into one whole

We are setting up the DiPrint system as the central information system of a company dealing with medium and large format digital printing. It digitizes all business functions and connects them into a comprehensive information system. It forms the core of digital renovation, which is based on the elements of Industry 4.0. It includes automatisms for preparing files for printing, optimizes the production process, forms a central data system for capturing information from machines and converts them into IoT devices. It visualizes data and provides decision support.

Why choose us?

Our experience

Based on many years of experience and a proven successful development team, our software solution reflects reliability and professionalism. The experience of both the solution and the team ensures safe, efficient and innovative production support.

Proven in practice

The solution has been thoroughly tested in production at one of the leading clients in the industry. The client actively participated in all phases of development, which ensures that it is a dedicated solution from practice.


We offer comprehensive support to our clients, which includes professional help with implementation, regular maintenance and constant monitoring of the client's development. We are committed to covering specific needs and providing customized solutions at every step of cooperation.

Modern technology

The solution is developed with the most modern technology, does not require special operating conditions and operates completely without the need for additional infrastructure. We also offer you the option of full rental on a monthly basis (Software as a Service), which allows easy and flexible access without long-term commitments.

Because we are...

The point of our approach is that we are simply different. We understand your needs because we come from the practice itself. With boldness and focus on you, the customer, we are always ready to exceed expectations and create solutions that truly reflect your needs and desires.

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