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DiPrint is part of Chillyprint solutions

As part of the Chillyprint range of solutions, DiPrint represents a superior digital software solution that assumes the role of a central information system. Chillyprint solutions comprehensively cover all business streams in medium and large format digital printing, DiPrint stands out as a key player in the digital printing industry, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and innovation.


Dilite, a reduced version of the DiPrint system, is designed for smaller digital printers of large and medium format. With all the key functionalities, it enables easy tracking of orders, including production monitoring and calculations. With an excellent user interface, it is extremely easy to use, easy to implement, and enables the rapid establishment of the system in production, which is crucial for the efficient operation of smaller companies in the printing industry.


DiTrack is an advanced production monitoring system that supports all key functionalities in production. It not only enables working with paper work orders, but also a completely paperless business. By tracking the actual flow of events, it captures all the information in the production itself. DiTrack's flexibility is also reflected in its operation on all devices, including dedicated devices, ensuring seamless and efficient production management.

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DiVision is an advanced system that uses smart digital cameras to establish efficient production control, optimization of material consumption and quality control in digital printing houses. By identifying defects on finished products and automatically measuring finished products, DiVision ensures accuracy and efficiency in the production process, enables rapid identification and increases product conformity and quality.


DiReports is not only a data visualization and analysis tool, but also an integrated business information (BI) system that integrates all production resources, including IoT devices. With its functions of data visualization, filtering and browsing, it enables comprehensive insight into production processes. In addition, the system offers advanced alarming and automatic reporting for quick response to critical situations. By calculating key KPI indicators such as OEE, DiReports enables informed decisions and efficient production management.




DiMobile is a simple mobile application designed to give responsible persons an easy overview of the entire operation of a digital printing house via a mobile phone. Focusing on the concept of "one-finger input", the system enables the optimized execution of all operations right on the user's mobile phone, with simple and intuitive commands. This ensures fast and efficient monitoring and production management right in the palm of your hand.

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