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System for tracking the production flow


The production tracking system represents a comprehensive and straightforward solution that enables paperless operations and precise monitoring of work orders throughout the entire production process.

The system ensures complete connectivity and transparency in the manufacturing process. All activities, from start to finish, are recorded in real-time, allowing seamless monitoring of events. By tracking work orders, every significant phase of production is documented, including the use of labor and materials.

The emphasis on paperless operations allows for quick and easy recording of all activities without the need for physical documents. The system enables immediate event logging, contributing to greater efficiency and accuracy in production.

Our system also excels in connectivity. It serves as an ideal foundation for establishing connectivity between machines and systems in the form of IoT devices. This enables automated monitoring and recording of data, contributing to the optimization of manufacturing processes.

It operates on all devices, but we particularly recommend using our purpose-built Android devices. These devices facilitate paperless operations and easy recording within the production flow, enhancing mobility and adaptability in manufacturing.



A simple system that provides complete control over the flow


A system that is compatible with all traditional MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems


It also operates on energy-efficient, dedicated devices


Establishes the foundation for connecting IoT devices with the workflow


An ideal tool for the digital transformation of a company

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