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Become a DIGITAL digital printing house

DiPrint - the core of the company's digital transformation


Commercial business

Commercial operations in the DiPrint system are comprehensively designed, starting with the creation of offers, which includes pre-calculations for accurate determination of costs. The B2B/B2C system enables the automatic acceptance of orders, and in addition, it allows commercial people to easily enter orders manually based on preset templates for creating work orders. Additionally, DiPrint offers a series of tools that help commercial teams comprehensively manage relationships with new and existing customers, contributing to efficient and successful operations.

Production preparation - prepress

Production preparation modules in the DiPrint system are aimed at facilitating the work preparation process, including work order creation, production preparation, work order activation, and activities that support the preparation of print designs. With these functionalities, the system enables efficient production management, speeds up work preparation processes and optimizes the execution of printing tasks. The system includes elements of AI, through which it aims to help with the very planning (planning) of production and anomalies that could occur in the production process itself. 

Material business

DiPrint also includes material management, which focuses on control of material stocks, planning of material procurement, optimization of material warehouses and real-time corrections of stock balances with convenient inventories. This module covers all the key activities that contribute to the effective management of material costs. With this detailed approach to material management, DiPrint enables accurate and efficient management of material resources in the production environment.

Production monitoring/tracking - DiTrack

The production tracking system in DiTrack covers the complete documentation flow of a work order through production, regardless of whether it is in paper or paperless form. It records all production-related activities and contains key elements of Industry 4.0. With the ability to capture information from machines, IoT devices and the use of sensors, it enables full control over the production flow. DiTrack enables comprehensive control over material consumption and working time consumption in all phases of production.


The packaging modules in the DiPrint system provide effective support for all packaging methods, whether in the form of "white labeled" packaging or branded packaging. The ability to enter packaging dividers and the optimization of the packaging processes themselves enable the systematic implementation and precise management of different forms of packaging, which contributes to the efficient and flexible management of finished products.


Product delivery and comprehensive monitoring of dispatch in the DiPrint system, including electronic confirmation of delivery notes in the field, ensures efficient completion of the production process. This functionality not only enables accurate tracking of each shipment, but also serves as the basis for invoicing completed production orders. With an integrated delivery process, DiPrint provides transparency and control over the entire flow from production to delivery.


The DiPrint system provides comprehensive support for field assembly by recording all field work activities. It also includes creating assembly orders and monitoring their execution. This functionality enables accurate tracking of assembly processes, increases the efficiency of work in the field, and contributes to the comprehensive management of assembly processes within the system.

Before/After calculations

The DiPrint system includes a series of modules that enable a comprehensive overview of business costs at each stage. These modules also allow an accurate evaluation of the performance of each order, showing the difference between the expected and the actual generated price difference. With this, the system enables clients to have precise insight into and control over the financial aspects of each individual project in production.



  1. Comprehensiveness and Purpose: The system is designed as a complete solution, specially adapted to the needs of digital printers. It offers specially developed software that comprehensively supports all key aspects of business in this industry.

  2. Ease of Implementation and Use: The system is easy to implement and use, which enables quick and smooth integration into existing business processes. It provides users with easy management and use without complexity.

  3. Digitization and Transformation: The system enables the digitization of business by moving from a paper-based to a digital environment. At the same time, it offers opportunities for digital transformation, increases efficiency and optimizes business processes.

  4. Increasing Efficiency: The system not only simplifies operational tasks, but also improves efficiency with smart functionalities that enable optimal utilization of resources and increase productivity

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