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A complete system for monitoring small digital printers.

GO with a digital flow


DiLite is a comprehensive software solution designed for optimal monitoring of small digital printing businesses. Our system provides complete documentation from start to finish, enabling efficient management of your company.

With DiLite, you can easily create and track quotations, design production and work orders, order necessary materials, and issue invoices. The system allows for precise monitoring of the production flow and tracking of each work order throughout the entire production process.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized digital printing businesses, DiLite enhances the efficiency of your company and increases transparency and traceability in business processes. With our solution, your operations will be more organized, faster, and focused on achieving top-notch results.

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The quotation system allows you to create quotations exceptionally easily and efficiently. Using pre-prepared templates, you can quickly generate new quotations or simply copy existing ones, greatly simplifying the process. Saving typical product configurations enables even faster preparation of quotations for your clients.

The system also includes a straightforward cost estimation system that helps you determine expenses, providing a realistic basis for price setting. It allows simulations of created price differences, assisting you in adjusting quotations based on cost changes or customer requirements.

After completing the quotation preparation, you can easily send the quotation to the client using the system. At the same time, you have access to a comprehensive preparation system for potential production. With a single click, you can create a work order that includes all necessary information, facilitating a swift and efficient transition from quotation to production preparation. The system ensures that all steps in the process are connected and coordinated, saving you time and ensuring accuracy at every stage.

Jobs and workorders

The system for designing production and work orders represents an exceptionally simple and intuitive tool, enabling quick and efficient preparation of orders for production. This system stands out due to its integration with the quotation system, allowing for the direct creation of orders from the quotation system or based on previously prepared templates of bills of materials and technological procedures.

Entering information into the system is extremely straightforward and user-friendly, designed in a way that does not require specialized knowledge. This means it is quickly learnable for users without technical expertise, facilitating the transition to the digitalization of production.

The system is linked to the DiTrack system, enabling the tracking of work orders throughout the entire production process. Users have insight into the progress of work, recording of time and material consumption, and complete traceability of production. This improves control over processes and allows for better resource management.

As such, the system represents an ideal digital tool/solution for paperless operations. This means that business processes can be carried out electronically, contributing to better organization, reduced risk of errors, and a decrease in the use of physical paper. All of this facilitates a smooth transition to the digital era and contributes to increased efficiency in your production.

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Delivery, Outwork and Purchase

The system for creating invoices and tracking the documentation path simplifies and optimizes the entire process from completed work orders to the delivery of products to the customer.

The easy creation of invoices is possible directly from completed work orders, contributing to a quick and efficient conclusion of the entire production cycle. Additionally, the system allows for the allocation of specific activities to external providers in the form of cooperative tasks. This brings additional flexibility and facilitates collaboration with different partners in an easy manner.

The material ordering process is designed to be simple and transparent. The system enables easy ordering of necessary materials and tracking of inventory. With the option of automatic replenishment of stock in case of shortages, a smooth production flow is ensured, as materials are always available when needed.

The entire process, from work order to delivery, is easily tracked through the system. This means you have continuous visibility into the documentation path, enabling better control over production, order traceability, and efficient resource management. Our system ensures that each step in the process is documented, contributing to effective operations and customer satisfaction.



Simple system, easy to use, understandable


A purpose-built system that covers industry-specificities


Simple implementation, without special preparations


A simple system for complete control over company operations


An ideal tool for the digital transformation of a company

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