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DiPrint development project

DiPrint is a software solution specifically designed to monitor production in a medium and large format digital printing house. It is therefore about the development of an online software solution that can be used to monitor the work process in a digital printing house.


Purpose of development

Given that the large-format digital printing industry emerged approximately 15 years ago and has experienced significant growth, particularly in the last 5 years, there are currently no practical and proven comprehensive software solutions for monitoring production in this industry. Especially lacking are specialized solutions tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the solutions available in the market today originate from traditional printing presses, where business operations are quite different. This also means that specific solutions derived from traditional (offset) printing presses are not suitable for this type of activity. Here, we see an opportunity for development and marketing of this software solution.

The DiPrint software solution is designed as a modern, web-based application that a company (client) can use either as its central information system (CIS) or as a system to support and monitor production (MES). It is designed as a modular system, comprising:

- Modules for creating quotes and capturing orders for production
- Modules for monitoring production (physical tracking of work orders through the production process)
- Modules for material tracking in production
- Modules for monitoring online orders in B2B/B2C format
- Mobile system for working with the system via a mobile app (order reception in the field, order confirmation, ...)
- Solution for the automatic processing of submitted print motifs (integration with systems for the automatic processing of submitted files)
- Calculation modules that allow for the calculation of the own prices of large-format digital print products and their comparison with actual production costs
- Integrated solution for data analysis, ad-hoc reporting, and displaying business performance (BI System)

The software solution will be based on modern programming technology and will be fully prepared to ensure the complete digitalization of all processes in the company, potentially becoming the leading system for digitizing the company's operations.

Development goals

The goal of developing the software product/solution is to offer the market a modern solution that will significantly impact:

- Reduction of actual production time
- More efficient use of materials (resulting in waste reduction)
- More efficient utilization of production resources (optimization of production in terms of human or machine resources, lower energy consumption)
- Reduction of the number of customer complaints (through the selection of more suitable materials, colors, or the implementation of systems to control the quality of submitted motifs and/or manufactured products)

This investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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